UV fly killer

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A UV fly lamp against unwanted flies

If you suffer from flies in the stable, a UV fly lamp can be very welcome. With such a lamp you combat unwanted insects and ensure that they do not come near your horse. The bugs are attracted to the UV light, where they are then electrocuted. UV fly lamps therefore provide a hygienic and safe environment, and they work a lot easier than fly swatters. Always make sure that you hang the lamp in a safe place within the stable.

Purchase a UV fly lamp

You can buy a UV fly lamp at MHS Equestrian from € 19.95. The UV fly lamp is shatterproof, so the lamp remains intact if you accidentally drop it and do not fall apart into a thousand pieces of glass. You can choose between three sizes: 18, 20, and 40 centimeters. To keep working properly, it is important that you replace the lamp annually. This way you will never again be bothered by buzzing animals around your head when you take care of your horse.