Wasp trap

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Wasp trap for the barn

By hanging a wasp trap in your horse stable you ensure that the buzzing creatures no longer cause irritation. The wasps are caught in a natural way, because they are attracted by an attractant. The attractant is made from a composition of ingredients, which cause a scent that is guaranteed to attract wasps. Did the wasp indeed not resist the smell? Then the insect falls into the bowl of the wasp trap and the insect can no longer fly out independently.

Buying a wasp trap

Buying a wasp trap can be an easy way to keep pests out of the stable. MHS Equestrian offers wasp traps including attractant, so that you are provided with all the necessities to catch wasps in one go. The attractant is organic and does not contain pesticides and insecticides, which makes it better for the environment and the wasps. The trap can easily be hung from a tree or pole. The trap should also hang in a sunny spot, about 5 to 10 meters away from where you want to keep the wasps away. This makes catching wasps efficient and easy.