Wasp trap attractant

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Wasp Treat is an expert formulated liquid that is perfect for catching wasps. Use the stuff in your wasp trap to effectively lure many wasps into the trap. The scent of the wasp treat is composed of ingredients that have been proven to attract wasps. This way you keep vermin away from your stable and the insects do not come near your horses. Store the bottle well after use and make sure you always use the liquid safely.

Order Wasps Treat

Do you want to buy wasps treat? Then you've come to the right place at MHS Equestrian. You order a wasp treat from us, and we will ensure that we deliver it to your home within five working days. What else do you need? Only a PET bottle to set the trap for the wasps. You get the guarantee from us that the wasps will get rid of the scent of the treat.