Wasp trap bait

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Wasp attractant for a wasp trap

Wasp traps frequently use wasp attractant. You often get this liquid with the purchase of a trap, but must be replaced at some point. Then buying loose wasp attractant is useful. This way you do not have to buy a completely new trap right away, but you can supplement it with a new liquid. The fabric is often made from organic ingredients, which are formulated to provide an attractive scent for wasps. Once caught in the trap, the wasps cannot get out and will no longer be a nuisance.

Where can you buy new wasp attractant?

You can order wasp attractant in combination with a wasp trap, but you can also often order the attractant separately. The choice is yours at the MHS Equestrian webshop. Don't have a trap at home and don't want to buy one? Then you can also pour the loose wasp attractant into, for example, a cut PET bottle. Once the wasps have come to the liquid, they can no longer fly independently, and are therefore trapped in a simple bottle.