Slowfeeders & Hay net

Let your horse take longer to feed and keep roughage clean using a slow feeder and / or hay net. Available in different variants and sizes.

Slowfeeder hay nets for your horse

In the fall and winter your horse will be in the stable for a long time because it is too cold to go outside. Your horse stands still a lot and will have little to do. Even the food does not last long in these cold months. The food will mainly consist of hay or silage and since you prepare this for him, the horse will soon be ready to eat. To allow the horse to take a little longer to feed, special feeding systems have been developed. These are called slow feeders. The horse must make more effort to be able to grab its food, which means that the feeding moment takes longer. Of course, a slow feeder must be sturdy and safe for the horse.

Which slow feeder suits your horse?

Of course you can get started yourself to make a slow feed for your horse. For example, you can take a specie tank and turn it into a slow feeder with the help of a rubber mat. Simply put the hay in the specie tub and then put the rubber mat on top. The horse must then try to pull the hay between the holes of the mat. It will of course take longer for him to finish eating.

If you are perhaps not very handy or if you simply don't have the time, you'd better buy one. There are different slow feeder systems on the market. For example, you have hay nets. The feed is then placed in the net and the horse must grab its feed through the meshes of the net. Nets with meshes in different sizes are available. A stable bag works on the same principle. The horse must grab the hay between the meshes of the bag. Another example is a hayliko. The hay is done in a click. At the bottom of the Kliko a piece of mesh is attached so that the horse can reach his hay.

Benefits of a slow-feed haystack

• Extends eating time
• Prevents large gaps between feeding moments
• Reduces calorie intake
• Less waste of hay
• Prevents boredom

You can order slowfeeders via MHS Equestrian

Our nets have a mesh size of at least 3 x 3 centimeters for an optimum supply of hay. The hay bags are among other things made from the ultra-strong polypropylene. With us you will find the best for your horse for the best possible price!