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  1. Hofman Hay Slowfeeder
    Hofman Hay Slowfeeder
  2. PFIFF Hay Net, Rectangular
    PFIFF Hay Net, Rectangular
  3. QHP Slowfeeder collection 19
    QHP Slowfeeder collection 19
  4. SMHN Slowfeeder Feed Ring 230
    SMHN Slowfeeder Feed Ring 230
  5. SMHN Slowfeeder Haynet
    SMHN Slowfeeder Haynet
  6. SMHN Slowfeeder Straw Bale
    SMHN Slowfeeder Straw Bale
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Quiet in the stable with the slow feeders of MHS Equestrian

Our slow feeders, the name says it all, have been specifically developed so that horses take longer to eat a meal. These are also called hay nets, because often it concerns hay that the horse must nibble on via a net. You can easily hang a slow feeder for your horse in the stable and it keeps your horse busy for a while. The advantage of this way of feeding is that as little hay as possible is lost, that the hay remains dry and that your horse is distracted when it is in the stable. A horse with a slow feeder with hay is less likely to get bored.

The slowfeeders of MHS Equestrian

In our range you will also find a number of slow feeders with which you slow down the food intake time for your horse. Your horse will not be bothered by this, but will behave better and become less restless. There are also slow feeder balls or toys in which you can put chunks that the horse then takes out playfully. In general, slow feeders will keep horses calmer and keep them busy for longer, which in turn means they won't get bored in the stable and won't get naughty there.