ZoneGuard 6 mm Plus fence cord


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The TURBO GUIDE under the fence cords
ZoneGuard Cord PLUS contains stainless steel wires and alloy wireS Stainless steel wires are extremely strong, break resistant and durable. Alloy wires are the perfect conductors of current. This combination provides the best guidance.
40 times more power + UV resistant
As the name suggests, the cord consists of several (mono) continuous threads of Polyethylene (PE). As a result, both the ZoneGuard PLUS and the ZoneGuard line have a very long lifespan and a high UV resistance.
ZoneGuard Cord PLUS has the best conductivity, which can be recognized by the low electrical resistance in Ohm / M

Very suitable for cattle, horse and sheep fencing.

Extra information
Color: White with black
Length: 200 m
Resistance: 0.048 Ω / m
Number of conductors: 9
Number + diameter LMD wire: 3 x 0.3 mm
Quantity + diameter of stainless steel wire: 6 x 0.3 mm
Breaking force: 450 kg

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