Injured horse? This is how you provide the right aftercare

Injured horse? This is how you provide the right aftercare

When a horse receives a wound, it does not heal very easily. In any case, after healing, a bald spot or some scar tissue remains visible on a regular basis. As with humans, it is important in horses to take good care of a wound from the start. In some cases, aftercare is even more important than the treatment at the moment.

Since we all want to help our horses as well as possible and we prefer to prevent scars, we can help our horses with the right aftercare. There are various products based on natural ingredients that can contribute to a better recovery of a wound. It is important that these products are regularly applied to the scar for the best possible result.

Stimulate good blood flow

When your horse has a scar or wild meat grows around a scar, it is important to stimulate blood flow. This is possible by using a cream or ointment based on Calendula.

Treat the affected skin regularly by gently massaging the ointment. Because the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated, the skin will become softer.

Faster wound healing

Are you looking for a means to support the recovery of the skin? Then choose honey ointment or Vetericyn. Both support the recovery of the skin and keep wounds clean. You can also lubricate both products for a longer period of time.

Vetericyn is available in spray form and is suitable for cleaning small wounds, cuts, skins, irritations and scratches. The solution is free from steroids and antibiotics, does not need to be rinsed and is based on the Microcyn Technology. Because the spray does not contain steroids and antibiotics, it can also be used for competition and show horses. The spray contains an oxychloride complex that is comparable to what the immune system of animals itself produces. This does not affect healthy tissue. Want to know more about Vetericyn? Then read these blog posts!

Honey ointment is an ointment based on honey. It cares for damaged and irritated skin and has a positive influence on the natural healing process. Due to the greasy composition, honey ointment also stays in place in a wet environment.

Are you unsure about the treatment of a wound, is the wound very large or deep, or does it recover badly? Consult the vet at all times.

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