A summer rug to help your horse stay cool and feel comfortable during hot summer days... It may sound a bit strange, but that is exactly what a summer rug does for your horse.

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Summer Rugs Horse

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  1. BR Cotton Rug Classic
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  2. Bucas Freedom Twill
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  3. Bucas Sun Shower Combi Neck
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  4. Bucas Sun-Shower
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  5. Harry's Horse Summer rug Honey
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  6. Harry's Horse Summerrug polycotton Navy
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  7. PFIFF summer rug ‘Widi‘
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  8. Premiere Cotton Rug All Year
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Summer blankets

A summer blanket to help your horse stay cool and feel comfortable during hot summer days... It may sound a little strange, but that's exactly what a summer blanket does for your horse. This is because of the breathable, lightweight material of which summer blankets are made. This maintains the right body temperature for your horse and keeps it fit and relaxed.  

Protection for your horse

A summer blanket has even more advantages. If your horse is standing in a sunny meadow with little natural shade, it can get too much UV radiation from the sun. This is as bad for your horse as it would be for you. A summer blanket protects your horse even better against this radiation, and even some UV-resistant material is woven into some blankets.

You also keep your horse cleaner and dust free with a summer blanket. This is useful, for example, if you have just washed your horse for a competition or inspection. You also protect its coat from discoloration and other problems.

Finally, a summer blanket is suitable as an underblanket or trailer blanket. And while this blanket stays cool in the warm sun, it adds just that little bit extra warmth that your horse will enjoy on cold nights.

Please note that this type of blanket is not waterproof. The breathable cotton fabric lets through air and water, so when it's raining and your horse is in the meadow, you would be better off with a rain blanket at those times.

What size?

It is important for your horse that the blanket ties well and that it has sufficient freedom of movement. On our size chart you can see which blanket fits your horse. The blanket sizes on the website are measurements taken from the middle of the chest to the rear of the rump where you want the blanket to end. Still have questions about the dimensions? Let us know and we will be happy to advise you. 

A range of summer blankets

In our online store you will find an extensive range. You can choose from a variety of colors and prints and we supply different brands such as Kensington, Harry's Horse and our own quality brand MHS. Most summer blankets are made of cotton and have a nylon breast section. This prevents abrasive patches. The lightweight, breathable blankets almost all have adjustable crucible and double breast closure.