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Care products for the skin of your horse

Unfortunately, it all too often happens that the skin of your horse shows problems. Fortunately, this is very normal and you can easily do something about it. Healthy food, neatly fitting accessories, a clean stable, plenty of exercise and daily care all help to reduce skin problems. Unfortunately, allergies, mold, lice and mug can also occur if you take care of your horse optimally. That is why the MHS Equestrian offers everything needed to keep the skin of horses in perfect condition.

How can you help your horse's skin?

If your horse is allergic, an allergy blanket or a fly blanket is the solution. Treat the spots that have already arisen with a good ointment specifically for horse skin. Dietary supplements also sometimes work wonders in a natural way. Apply a horse skin ointment, spray, oil, gel or lotion after you have brushed your horse and it is ready to enter the stable. That way, the problems with your horse's skin will quickly be solved. Make sure you maintain your horse well afterwards with the skin products of MHS Equestrian and problems are a thing of the past.