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Fly Caps Horse

Protect your horse's ears against flies while riding with the help of a brightly colored fly cap made of fine cotton.

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  1. BR Ear Bonnet Morella 4-EH
    BR Ear Bonnet Morella 4-EH
  2. BR Ear Bonnet Passion Morena
    BR Ear Bonnet Passion Morena
  3. BR Fly Cap Glamor Chic
    BR Fly Cap Glamor Chic
  4. BR Fly Cap Organza
    BR Fly Cap Organza
  5. BR Fly Cap Triomphe
    BR Fly Cap Triomphe
  6. BR Fly Cap Xcellence
    BR Fly Cap Xcellence
  7. BR Oornetje Passion Alva
    BR Oornetje Passion Alva
  8. BRPS Fly Cap Veintitres
    BRPS Fly Cap Veintitres
  9. Flying net BR Equestrian
    Flying net BR Equestrian
  10. PFIFF fly bonnet 'Rivett'
    PFIFF fly bonnet 'Rivett'
  11. Premiere Fly Fringe
    Premiere Fly Fringe
  12. QHP Color Fly Veil
    QHP Color Fly Veil
  13. QHP Holland Fly Veil
    QHP Holland Fly Veil
  14. QHP Oornetje Coco
    QHP Oornetje Coco
  15. QHP Oornetje Sparkle
    QHP Oornetje Sparkle
  16. Reindeer hat Red
    Reindeer hat Red
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Is your horse troubled by all those annoying, flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies and hornets? Easily protect your horse's ears with the help of an ear net. Especially when riding, an ear net is extremely useful. Not only during making from an outside ride but also when you are riding outside in the tank! Both you and your horse can enjoy your ride without all the jitters.

MHS Equestrian offers many different types, colors and brands of ear nets, for example from the brands HB, QHP, BR and Premiere. In addition to the protection that the ear net offers, they also look very nice. Earrings are available in all sorts of fresh, trendy colors and are finished with nice details such as a decorative strip with stones. When you cuff the color of the ear net with that of the saddle cover, your horse will look great.

Ears are almost always made of cotton and are comfortable for your horse.

Other protection against flies and mosquitoes

You can also lend a hand in the fight against mosquitoes, hornets and flies. For example, make sure that you clear away manure as quickly as possible. Of course in the stable, but also in the paddock or in the meadow it is good not to let the manure lie for long. The less manure, the fewer flies.

Still water attracts mosquitoes and other vermin. Therefore, make sure that the drinking troughs contain sufficient clean drinking water, but remove other standing water such as pools around the drinking trough or full buckets.

In our webshop we also sell other additional protection equipment against flies in addition to ear nets. In addition to ear nets you can protect your horse well against flying pests with a fly mask. Some fly masks go over the ears, eliminating the need for an ear net.

With a fly rug you protect the entire body of your horse and various sprays neutralize the smell of your horse so that flies remain at a distance.

Advice from MHS Equestrian

We are happy to advise you on the best protection against flies for your horse. You can call us with your questions on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We are also available by mail at [email protected]