Stall Halter

If you want to easily secure your shetland or mini horse in the stable, you can do this with a halter. A stall halter is sturdy and has a ring to which you can easily attach the rope.

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Why a halter for my shetland or mini horse?

A halter is a handy tool to guide your horse by the hand or to secure your shetlander or miniature horse during grooming. So you don't use a halter while driving.

At the bottom of the stable halter is a ring to which you can attach a halter rope. You fix it with a special horse knot or a metal panic closure. The halters are adjustable so that they have the perfect fit for your horse.

Choose a sturdy stable halter so that your horse does not learn to free itself with one short jerk. However, the halter must come loose with sufficient pressure. This is not the case with rope halters. A rope halter does not break, so never secure your horse with this! Rope halters are meant to communicate and train with your pony. You always use a halter in the stable or in the meadow. On pasture you can even consider running your horse without a dumbbell to avoid the risk of it getting stuck on something.

Comfort for your shetland or mini horse

A stable halter has a wide surface. That's nice, because the wider the surface, the more the pressure is distributed. This feels comfortable for your horse. He has absolutely no problems with his halter and can easily lean into it. This is in contrast to a rope halter. This makes a stable halter more comfortable for your horse and a rope halter is more suitable as a means of communication between you and your horse.

Many choices in our webshop

MHS Equestrian offers cheerful halters of cotton or nylon. These halters are available in all colors of the rainbow. They are more than adjustable and equipped with a solid ring for attaching the lead rope. Our halters are available in different sizes. Advice and sizes can be found in our size table.

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