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Riding Gloves

MHS Equestre sells riding gloves for adults and children in various colors and prints. We offer riding gloves for all types of weather.

Choose the right riding gloves

Do you want to go horse riding? Then the use of riding gloves is definitely recommended. You do not only wear these gloves in winter when it is cold. Riding gloves can be purchased in both summer and winter versions.

Gloves for driving or driving

You wear the gloves while driving to protect your hands against the weather and the sanding of the reins. In addition, riding gloves give more grip when holding the reins. At MHS Equestrian we sell riding gloves that are suitable for driving but also for driving. Choice of different models In our assortment you will find riding gloves in different versions and price range. The gloves are available in various sizes for men, women and children. In addition, you can also make a choice from different colors. You can see which sizes and colors are available when you click on the model of your choice. You can also read more information about the specific gloves, see if it is for you and if they are available in your size.

Comfortable to use while riding You don't necessarily have to use riding gloves while riding, but it is advisable. The gloves protect your hands against sanding the reins. Furthermore, the riding gloves are provided with extra reinforced pieces at the places where they most come into contact with the reins.

Because you're at mennen the reins hold in a different way than when driving, the reinforced pieces are placed in other places with the gloves that are specially designed for that purpose. Because of this reinforcement you sand through it less quickly and you can also use it for longer. If the reins run neatly over these specially reinforced pieces, you are (almost) sure that you are holding the reins correctly.