A bitless bridle has a direct rein contact. Ideal for young horses or to unlearn wrong habits. The bridles are made of supple leather for optimum wearing comfort for your shetland or mini horse.

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A bitless bridle for your shetland or mini horse

A bitless bridle puts pressure on the nose and cheeks of your shetlander or miniature horse instead of his mouth. It has a direct bridle liner, making it easy to train young horses or even correct learned unwanted habits.

The bitless bridles from MHS Equestrian

The bitless bridles in our webshop are made of supple leather and softly padded for optimum comfort with your mini horse. The bridles come with reins that are easy to attach and detach due to the handy snap hooks on the ends.

A well-fitting bridle is essential

On our website you will find very extensive size tables. To prevent abrasion spots or even wounds, it is important that the bridle fits your horse like a glove.

In our size chart especially for bridles, we also provide the lengths of all brands that we carry for the headpiece, baking piece, circumference noseband, throat belt and browband. This way you can measure all these sizes with your horse and then choose the brand and model that fits best.

Of course you only know for sure that the selected bridle fits optimally with your horse after you have tried it. That's why at MHS Equestrian you have no less than 30 days to change your mind after ordering.

Maintenance of the leather bridles

Leather products are sustainable. To enjoy your bridle for even longer, we recommend cleaning it regularly and taking care of it with one of our care products. With saddle soap and a little water you will get the bridle completely clean and after it has dried you can treat it with a leather grease or oil.

If you have any questions about maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is happy to advise you.

Fast delivery

Do you order a bridle or one of our other 15,000 products on weekdays before 5:00 pm? Then we ensure that your order is sent the same day, so that you have your products super fast at home.