Leg Protection

To prevent your mini horse or shetland from injuring himself, we have user-friendly, well-fitting travel boots and tendon protectors. In our collection you will find protection from various quality brands, such as QHP, Harry’s Horse and BR. We also have our own broad line of travelboots and tendon protectors: the MHS collection.

To prevent your miniature horse or Shetland pony from injuring itself, we offer well-fitting transport boots and tendon boots. In our collection you can find boots from high quality brands such as Kensington, BR and Tough-1. In addition, we have our own broad line of transportation boots and tendon boots: the MHS collection. They are of great quality, comfortable and easy to use.

Transport boots

During training or when transporting your miniature horse or Shetland pony, it may kick its own legs. To prevent injuries, such as coronet (also coronary band) lacerations, you bind the the hooves and lower legs with transport boots. In addition to this protection, they keep the legs above the hooves clean, which is handy when you have prepared your mini horse of Shetland pony for a test or show.
The boot in our MHS collection also feature an extra fleece edge and Velcro for greater comfort and convenience.

Tendon boots

During activities in the field or trainings, tendon boots provide extra protection to the legs of your miniature horse or Shetland pony.
The MHS collection has tendon boots of different, comfortable materials, soft or hard or with neoprene lining. And in various colours.

For additional information please refer to the size charts and product information.