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With well-fitting travel boots you protect the legs of your shetlander or mini-horse during transport in a trailer. Travel boots also offer extra balance and stability when driving and have a soft, breathable lining.

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Protect your legs during transport in the trailer

During transport in the trailer you can protect the legs of your shetlander or mini-horse against injury with the help of a few transport protectors from our range.

Transporting a trailer is actually always somewhat stressful for your miniature horse or shetlander because it is an unnatural situation. You also help your horse enormously when you are riding slowly. Avoid unexpected movements, sudden braking and accelerate slowly. With a long ride you can possibly check on the road how your horse is doing.

Transport protectors give your pony or shetlander extra balance and stability while riding, making your horse less likely to dismount.

You will find suitable transport protectors at MHS Equestrian

It goes without saying that the protectors must fit perfectly. They cannot go down. This allows your horse or shetlander to hurt themselves on the way. In our extensive size chart for leg protection you can read exactly what sizes you need to take to order an optimally fitting set.

Transport protectors are available in a low version that protects the leg from the hoof to the knee and a high version that protects above the knee. All protectors can be closed easily but very securely with triple velcro straps.

The lining is made from a soft, breathable lining so that the legs of your miniature horse do not get too hot. The sturdy fabric on the outside is water-repellent and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

Other leg protection in our range

In addition to transport protectors, you will also find bandages, jumpers, tendon protectors and bullet protectors in all kinds of colors and colors in our webshop. That way the legs of your shetlander or miniature horse are always optimally protected.

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