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MHS sells many types of saddles that differ among other things in material, size and fit. For example, we sell leather and plastic items.


In this section of our web shop, you will find the perfect saddle for your horse and everything that goes with it.
A properly fitting saddle is very important for your horse. If his saddle does not fit properly or lifts up, he will walk forcedly to avoid pain or chaffing. And that can, in turn, lead to back problems and painful pressure points.
Therefore, pay a lot of attention to fitting and choosing a saddle and also pay attention to your riding style and physique.
MHS sells many types of saddles in different fits and materials such as leather or synthetic.

Saddle accessories and supplies

You can also go to MHS for everything you need for your saddle, such as stirrup braces and stirrups. Stirrup leathers are, like saddles, available in leather and synthetic materials. Synthetic material is comfortable to use and easy to maintain. Leather is extremely strong and, if well maintained, has a very long life. All our straps are available in various lengths and thicknesses.
Stirrups provide comfort, safety, and stability while riding. In our web shop, you will find different types of stirrups in stainless steel. And our synthetic straps are available in many fresh colours.
You can keep your horse's saddle properly in place, by using a webbing. This is also available in different materials, such as nylon, neoprene or leather. On our product page, you can read exactly what benefits each material has.

Starter set

Have you just started horse riding? Then you will need everything, both for your horse and for yourself. To give you an easy start, we have developed special starter sets: a complete saddle kit at an attractive price.

Different brands

We sell saddles and accessories of various brands, including QHP, Premiere and of course our own quality brand MHS. Whatever brand you choose, we always make sure you receive your ordered products as quickly as possible. We would, therefore, like to guarantee that if you place your order before 17:00, we will ship it (subject to availability) on the same day.