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BR Riding boot Vincenza normal shaft

Stylish riding boots made of water-repellent, shiny cowhide leather with a thickness of 1.6-1.8 mm.
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BR Riding boot Vincenza normal shaft
BR Riding boot Vincenza normal shaft
Stylish riding boots made of water-repellent, shiny cowhide leather with a thickness of 1.6-1.8 mm. The boot has a supple lining of soft pigskin leather. The boot has a strong Opti® zipper (no. 8) at the back, which extends to the sole for an easy entry. Both the top and bottom of the zipper on the exterior has a leather zipper protector with press stud. The leather flap on the inside of the boot protects both the zipper and the leg (note: not intended to be pulled on when putting it on). Along the zipper is a narrow insert of sturdy Italian quality elastic for a snug fit. The arch on the exterior of the knee is 6 cm high. Furthermore, the boot is equipped with an elastic lacing. The profile sole of high-quality natural rubber provides good grip and the heel has excellent shock-absorbing properties. The midsole of the Texon brand has an integrated metal shank, which ensures good stability and optimal pressure distribution. The top layer of microfiber and 4 mm foam offers extra comfort. The boot is slim cut around the ankle and has a quilted square decorative toe which enhances the look. Manufactured in Europe.

This model has a normal shaft.
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Are there no labels with washing instructions? Or have they been wiped out? Do not take any risks and wash your horse clothing with hand or in the washing machine at 30 ° Celsius. Never stop riding clothes in the dryer if you are not sure if it can withstand this. You run the risk that the clothes shrink or damaged.

To keep your white riding breeches nice and white, you can occasionally soak the pants in the bio-tex. A little help from Vanish in the washing machine also works wonders. Do you have a stain that cannot be removed from it? Rub the stain before washing with some ox gall soap and leave it for half an hour. Then, without rinsing the ox gall soap, stop your riding breeches in the washing machine and wash them according to the washing instructions in the label. If everything went well, your stain should be out after the first wash.


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