Leather riding gloves

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Leather riding gloves: long life and optimal comfort

If you ride a lot, a pair of leather riding gloves is a wise investment. Riders need gloves to keep the hands warm, but also to protect them from pulling the reins and to ensure a good grip. You wear your riding gloves when you go for a ride with your horse, but also when you are practicing in the box or on the reins. You need them all year long, summer and winter, and a pair of leather riding gloves have the ideal durability and characteristics for that.

Leather riding gloves

Leather is an ideal material for riding gloves for several reasons. First of all, it is breathable, so your hands stay warm but sweat can easily be wicked away. That means that you can also wear them in the summer. Leather is also a quality material that lasts a very long time, does not wear out quickly and is very comfortable. So you can certainly use your leather gloves for a few years. Finally, leather can also be made waterproof and you can wear your gloves when it rains.

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Investing in a pair of leather gloves is therefore a good idea, especially if you spend a lot of time outside and training with your horse. You can buy leather riding gloves at MHS Equestrian. We have products for men, women and children, in all sizes and in a large number of colors and price ranges.