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In terms of girths, there are various variants that you can choose from, including a leather girth. Leather webbing may be a bit more expensive than variants made of a different material, but you get a lot of positive properties in return. It is therefore not surprising that a leather girth is one of the most chosen alternatives within our range. Whatever girth you are looking for, the chances are that you will succeed with our webshop.

What are the benefits of a leather girth?

If you want to make sure your saddle stays in place, use a girth. When it comes to these accessories, you have a wide choice, including a leather girth. But why would you choose this? First, leather is one of the toughest materials available. This makes it last very long. However, at the same time it is striking that leather is also flexible despite its strength. Leather is a natural material and therefore has breathable qualities. It does require some maintenance, but it is worth it. That is why you choose this variant. You can choose from many fits, where it is important that you choose the shape that best suits your saddle. If you do this, you will enjoy a girth made of this material for a long time. It is possible to find the ideal girth on the basis of our size charts. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can always contact us for expert advice. Our customer conditions are top notch and we are second to none in terms of price-quality ratio.