Shetlander voltigesingel

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Buying a Vaulting Singel for a Shetlander

If you are looking for a Vaulting Singel for a Shetland, you have come to the right vein at our online store. Pommel girths for a Shetlander come in all shapes and sizes. You need a Shetland vaulting girth when you start practicing vaulting. Vaulting is a form of gymnastics that you practice on a horse. You can practice this solo, but this equestrian discipline can also be performed with several people at the same time. But then you do need suitable vaulting girths.

Order your vaulting girth for a Shetlander from us

Vaulting is often great to watch, but it is very important that this discipline can be performed comfortably for the horse. Voltige girths contribute to this. They allow you to perform all kinds of gymnastic exercises without losing control over your horse. Girths come in many variants. You can not only think of colors or materials, but also the level of the rider. You can find everything you need for the vaulting in our webshop.