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The importance of a sand cure for your horse and its health

A sand cure for your horse is very important to perform once in a while. As we all know, horses love to graze and prefer to do so in a large field full of green grass. But both in such a field and in a stable it can happen that your horse ingests a lot of sand unnoticed while eating. All sand can build up in the intestines, or other areas, in your horse's body and this can cause serious health problems for your horse. Therefore, a sand cure for horses is certainly necessary to prevent complications in the future.

Start a sand cure for your horse now at MHS Equestrian

At MHS Equestrian we have the sand cure for your horse in the brand Sectonic Sandclear. This treatment will free the intestines of sand and can certainly be given to your horse as a precaution. Horses can take a sand cure in the form of a cure. The best way to do this is to give the cure in combination with food, such as slobber. The cure has a substance such as porridge and this can be unpleasant for the horse to eat. Because of the sand cure, your horse will be free of sand and you will no longer run the possible risk of problems such as sand colic.