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Stick to the special requirements of competition breeche for horse riding

In equestrian sports, it is important to adhere to the imposed dress code during competitions, or concours, and this also includes appropriate riding pants. During almost all competitions, your competition pants will have to be in a cream or white color while riding. Within this rule you can always choose whether you prefer to ride in competition pants with or without a seat and which fabric is best for you. Before purchasing competition pants for riding, always read the rules of your competition to know what requirements your riding breeches must meet.

You will find good competition pants for horse riding at MHS Equestrian

Since every competition has different requirements, we at MHS Equestrian think it is important that you have enough choices to find a suitable riding competition pants. We have a number of options available for children, men and women. You can come to us for riding competition pants with a silicone knee patch or seat, a leather seat or a microfiber seat if you prefer to ride without grip.