Riding breeche without grip

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Riding with a lot of freedom of movement thanks to riding breeches without grip

The classic riding breeches often have a grip surface, but for riders who want to ride more smoothly, the riding breeches without grip offers a good solution. Breeches without grip can often be found under the term riding leggings. This model of riding breeches gives you extra freedom of movement because your inner legs are less clamped to the leather saddle. Riding breeches without grip are very comfortable and ensure that you can easily get out of your saddle. Some riders make this perform better while jumping.

Different riding breeches without grip models can be found at MHS Equestrian

If you are looking to buy riding breeches without grip, then you've come to the right place at MHS Equestrian. We offer a wide range of breeches, including several breeches without grip. Riding tights are the most famous model when it comes to riding breeches without grip and seams. But if you like cotton breeches, you also have the option of breeches with a fabric knee patch. The fabric knee pad provides good protection of the fabric during long-term use but does not function as a grip.