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Riding boots for your child at MHS Equestrian

If your son or daughter likes to ride a horse or wants to start this beautiful hobby, then a pair of riding boots for your child are an indispensable part of the equipment. These boots are intended for protection, they provide a good grip on the stirrups and keep the feet of your son or daughter nice and warm. There are different boots for different disciplines. We also offer boots in various materials, such as leather and rubber.

Buy riding boots for your child

You don't just buy children's riding boots. First of all, you want to buy the right boots that fit the branch of equestrian sport that your child wants to practice. Next, the material is important. Leather riding boots last a very long time, but are better for older kids because those feet don't grow that fast anymore. If your child is going to ride outside a lot, even in winter, then a pair of thermo riding boots is not a wrong option.

The right size

When buying children's riding boots, the size is very important. That is the shoe size, but also the length and the width. The boot should reach below the knee and fit snugly around the calves. Buy a pair of chunky riding socks and you can purchase a shoe size larger so that the boots can be used longer. Another option you have is to invest in jodhpurs with chaps. You can then reuse the chaps and only need to replace the jodhpurs every now and then.