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You cut the tail and mane with mane scissors

If you have a horse, you want it to look neat and tidy, and long mane and an unkempt tail can be trimmed with mane shears. These scissors are intended for trimming and neatly wooding your horse's mane and tail hair. You can do this at the end of the day, when you are taking care of your horse and you see that the hair needs to be trimmed. You use a mane scissors for updating the tail and mane and not for big work or for thick mane.

A man scissors from MHS Equestrian

If you go through our range of scissors, you will see that we have plenty of choice. It is important that you order man scissors that match your horse's hair. There are larger and smaller scissors and scissors with curved or straight scissor handles. If you cannot find a solution and you do not know which man scissors to buy, one of our specialists at our customer service is ready to help you make your choice. Together we will find the scissors with which your horse will always look neat and tidy.