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If taking off on a horse is difficult for you, a 3-step climbing aid can help you out. There can be various causes that make it difficult for you to get on a horse. Perhaps you have an injury or disability, or you may be short in stature while your horse is tall. In such cases, climbing aids with 3 steps can be of service. A 3-step climbing aid is a slightly larger version that ensures that the ascent will be a lot smoother.

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Using a climbing aid not only benefits you as a rider. It is also advisable for your horse to use this. If you have a lot of trouble getting on a horse, this will put a lot more pressure on your horse's back. The pressure on your horse's back is greatly relieved when you use a climbing aid. Boarding aids are available in all kinds of variants through our online shop. Here you can buy high-quality aids at low prices.