Crawling insects spray

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Crawling insect spray to control pests

If you are bothered by vermin at his or her riding school, you can use crawling insect spray. Ants, pee beds or spiders, for example, are unwanted guests in your stable, and you probably want to get rid of them as soon as possible. MHS Equestrian offers the solution: crawling insect spray to protect horses. The spray is affordable and easy to use, which makes chasing unwanted insects a breeze. Do you also suffer from flying vermin in the summer? Then you can also buy a spray especially for flying insects from us.

How does crawling insect spray work?

Do you want to buy crawling insect spray? Then it is good to know how the stuff works first. Fortunately, that is easy. You spray the liquid where the insects are hiding, such as in seams and cracks in the wall, but also behind, for example, cupboards or other furniture. A special substance in the crawling insect spray will get you rid of the bugs, and this substance will work for up to six weeks to fight insects.