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If you want to make sure your horse becomes calm or stays calm, a pram for your horse is a smart idea. This aid usually consists of a rope to which a piece of wood is attached. In some situations it is better if a horse does not get too stressed. Unfortunately, people are still opting too quickly for drugs. This while a pram for horses in most cases achieves the same effect without using means that can be bad for the animal.

That's why you choose a pram for a horse

So a pram for a horse is an excellent idea in many situations. This tool works on some of the pressure points found in a horse's upper lip. The horse experiences this as a pleasant feeling, after which endorphins are released. These give the horse an even more pleasant feeling, so that the stress decreases and disappears completely. Especially when a vet has to perform an operation, this is an excellent accessory to have. You can also buy pramen from our online shop.