Flying insects spray

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Spray flying insects to control pests

If you suffer from pests in the stable, flying insect spray can be the solution. A bus is cheap and effective against wasps, flies and other flying insects. You can buy flying insect spray at the MHS Equestrian webshop, where it will be delivered to your home within a few working days.

How does flying insect spray work?

Flying insect spray to protect your horses is very simple: close all doors and windows of the room in which you want to spray the stuff, and you are ready to go. Spray the flying insect spray in the top corners of the room and then keep the windows and doors closed for another ten minutes. Then it is important to air the room well, so that you as a human being are not bothered by the strong effect of the spray. You will see that in no time there will be no more flying insects hanging around your equestrian center.