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Electric fence tape

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Order an electric fence tape? You do it via MHS Equestrian

If you never want to worry about your horse in the pasture, an electric fence tape is a good purchase. With this you fence off a part of the pasture, so that your horse cannot just run away. For a horse, electric fence ribbons are clearly visible, so the set limit is also clearly visible for them. A horse will therefore not easily try to leave the pasture. If this does happen, a horse will not be able to seriously injure itself from this ribbon.

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Buying an electric fence tape is a good way to ensure that your horse never leaves the pasture without your knowledge. Moreover, it is possible to use an energizer for this ribbon, in order to put it under power. This way you can be completely sure that nothing can happen. Moreover, a ribbon also protects your horse against other animals from the outside. Nothing can ever happen like this. If you are looking for suitable ribbons, you can come to us. Our range is huge and the prices are fantastic.