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There are many advantages to buying a meadow pigeon through our site. Firstly, pasture pigeons are a useful way to feed your horses. Due to the design of this accessory, horses cannot eat from a rack too quickly. This allows them to take better dosed hay. In addition, a rack ensures that less hay is wasted and falls to the ground. Meadow pigeons can be used during all seasons, from the hottest days to the coldest days.

Buy your Meadowrack via our site

Buying a meadow pigeon is a must for anyone who wants to feed their horse or horses in a responsible way. Both roughage and concentrate can be fed by means of such racks. The great thing about our offer in this area is that there is a lot of variation. So you can always find the product that best suits your preferences. Moreover, the ratio between price and quality is always excellent when you make a purchase through our webshop.