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Need a rug rack for your horse?

A blanket rack for your horse is an ideal accessory to have. If you want to optimally store your horse blankets, a horse blanket rack can help you with this. A blanket rack for horses is available in several variants. For example, you can opt for a dent bracket, over which you can hang the blanket. You also have the option to opt for a wall-mounted blanket rack. This gives you the option to hang a blanket in its entire length.

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Whatever you need, you will find it within the wide range of MHS Equestrian. These racks are ideal for storing your blankets. This keeps them in a better condition for longer and you can also ensure that they stay clean. In addition, you always have your blankets at hand in the stable when you need them. Of course you purchase these products from us for the lowest prices at the moment.