Anti fly spray

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Do you suffer from flying in the stable? Anti fly spray is the solution

Anti fly spray is the solution for when you suffer from flies in the stable. This can not only be annoying, but also dangerous for your horses, because flies often carry bacteria and can irritate your horse's skin. Anti fly spray counteracts this, and ensures that the flies stay away from your horse with a scent that only insects smell.

Order anti fly spray

You can buy anti fly spray reliably at MHS Equestrian, where the spray only consists of natural ingredients so that it is not dangerous and harmful to the coat of your horse. The spray continues to protect against flies for more than eight hours, so you only have to use it at the beginning of the day. Thanks to anti-fly spray, your horses will no longer suffer from flying insects. Note: it is important that the spray does not get into your horse's eyes, mouth or nose.