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To prevent all kinds of diseases from finding their way to your horse's stable, buying a disinfection mat is recommended. Disinfection mats can be used by both humans and horses. When you or your horse walk over this, various types of dirt and bacteria are removed from under your shoes (or the feet or hooves of your horse). This prevents a lot of trouble and is therefore recommended for every stable.

Why do you buy a disinfection mat from us?

Buying a disinfection mat therefore prevents a lot of problems. These mats are available in all kinds of variants, with the models differing in terms of dimensions. Whatever you are looking for, you will find what you need within our range. It is not without reason that we are the largest webshop in Europe when it comes to horse equipment. The range is not only wide, but also available at competitive prices. That is why you purchase all your horse equipment at MHS Equestrian.