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As the name implies, a trailer tie down line is ideal for securing a horse. 9 times out of 20 you will see that such tie-down lines are used for the trailer when you have to go with your horse. On the way you want to be sure that nothing can happen to your horse and that it is safely in the trailer. A trailer tie-down line is the perfect tool for this. But such a line can also be of service to you at the cleaning place. It is therefore advisable to own it anyway.

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A securing line is not only important for your own state of mind, but your horse will also be much more comfortable in the trailer when a line is present. Lashing lines are available individually, but you often need more than one line to secure your horse. Fortunately, our range is large enough and there are always more than enough lines in stock. In addition to the wide range, our prices are also in your favor.