UV insect killer

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You can buy a UV insect lamp here

Those who suffer from unwanted insects can benefit from purchasing a UV insect lamp. You can buy a UV insect lamp at MHS Equestrian, where you can purchase a copy for less than twenty euros. This powerful lamp helps you efficiently catch mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. The lamp has a shatterproof coating, which ensures that the entire shed is not full of glass shards, should you drop it.

The advantages of a UV insect lamp

With UV insect lamps you keep flying insects away from your horse. The UV light ensures that the bugs are attracted to the lamp. Once they fly into this, they will be electrocuted. This will keep them away from your horses, which can prevent nasty infections and illnesses. You can hang and place the lamp anywhere in the stable due to the handy shape, but make sure that this is done out of reach of the horses. It is also important that you replace the lamp once a year for optimal performance.